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Exceed Coaching provides a personalised training program to fit your needs, aims and schedule. We focus on improving the aspects of performance beyond just performing the exercise.

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Bike Fitting

A customised bike fit is a critical component of being a successful cyclist whether you are a triathlete or road cyclist you will gain extra comfort, power and speed by having a bike fit specific to your body and bike. The Exceed Bike Fit Studio spend 2-3 hours with you to improve your position which will help you generate more power therefore speed on the bike.

The proper posture will also ensure you are comfortable during those long hours riding on the road. Hundreds of athletes, both entry level through to top level pro triathlete and cyclists, have had their bike fit done by Exceed and they have experienced immediate results - you can too!

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Working with a coach who takes time to understand your goals, tailors your training to your life and works with you so your goals become a reality is critical for your success