Bike Fit.

Everyone’s body is different. Some of us have long legs and short torsos; some women struggle to reach their brake levers due to small hands; some people may pedal a little bit differently than others; maybe you have one leg that is slightly longer than the other and you never even knew it! In addition to our bodies being the way they are, injuries or personal goals can affect how your bike should be set up to maximize comfort, efficiency and power. Luckily, bicycles are machines with many adjustable parts. In fact, every touch point on the bike can be changed out, altered or moved to fit you better. Although there are many different theories to bike fit, the main idea is to make adjustments to the bike’s components with these goals in mind:

Benefit of a proper fit

A good fit can also improve riding performance, because it allows the rider to use multiple muscle groups in the most effective and efficient manner.

  • Improve overall rider comfort
  • Help prevent cycling-induced repetitive stress injuries.
  • Reduce or eliminate back, knee, neck and wrist pain.
  • Reduce or eliminate “hot foot”.
  • Reduce or eliminate saddle discomfort and genital numbness.
  • Reduce or eliminate numbness in the hands and fingers.
  • Reduce rider fatigue.

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