Coaching Plan

The best way to achieve your cycling goals is by working directly with a coach on an ongoing basis. Your Exceed coach will work directly with you to build the perfect training plan, analyze each of your workouts, answer all of your questions and provide ongoing feedback, direction and support to help you reach peak performance.

Due to the time demands placed on the coach for the All Inclusive Training Plan and to ensure a top quality service to each client, there are a limited number of spots allocated for this program each season.

Benefit of Coaching

The plans are developed around lifestyle and work/family commitments by using allocated time and current fitness to ensure every session counts. They are progressive and targeted. Providing you with specific training advice and support from those who know how to train.

  • Online schedule and training log
  • Contact per week
  • Assistance in analyzing power or HRM files which will then be used to tailor future training.

Why Choose Us

This will be customised to the athletes available time. Training Peaks is used to communicate the program and results. You will upload your workouts each day into this cloud based program.

Everyone is different so your programs need to be tailored to the individuals needs and goals. without this aim a program won't achieve it's best result.

This can be done via text message, email, phone call or any online based messenger system. This can be as often as needed for the individual needs.

One on One involves the coach going out riding with the athlete and explaining how to apply certain techniques and skills. It can also involves making sure the athlete is applying themselves to the best of their abilty.

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